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The internship is a 20 week course with start dates agreed between the sponsoring organisation, the intern and the academic supervisors.

The organisation mentor provides a desk and computer for the intern within the organisation. The intern signs a confidentiality agreement and a non-disclosure agreement.

The University supervisors contact the mentor once a month and meet with each intern fortnightly.

The amount of time spent in the organisation per week fits around the client needs and what has to be delivered, as well as the intern’s other course work.  As a minimum, the equivalent of 1 full day per week for 15 weeks is expected.

The intern meets fortnightly with their mentor. This meeting covers the intern’s progress and project work. The mentor gives feedback to the intern on how they are fitting in with the organisation and the progress of the project. 

In Week 6 and Week 10 the mentor completes the Organisation Assessment form and discusses this assessment with the intern and the academic supervisors. There is a third and final assessment by the mentor at the completion of the internship. When combined these three comprise the 30% Organisation Assessment.

The intern arranges fortnightly meetings with the University supervisor over the duration of the course (approximately 7 meetings).

The intern keeps a journal every week of their reflections on the internship process.

A minimum of two journal entries per week are the basis for writing the reflective assignment.

The University supervisor(s) comments on these reflections

All internships are 100% internally assessed comprising: a Major Report or Portfolio, an Online Journal, a Reflective Assignment, a Final Presentation, an Organisation Assessment. The MNGT 596 internship also includes a Literature Scoping Exercise. 

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