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Kath Unternahrer

General Manager, Life Fitness New Zealand

Kath UnternahrerLife Fitness New Zealand hosted two students from the Waikato Management School (WMS) Centre for Internships and Business Experience. Both students were selected based on the needs of the business.

“We had two major projects that we needed to complete and the WMS interns helped take off the pressure of trying to finish them.

Our marketing intern worked on restructuring the current customer relationship management (CRM) tool. She updated the database and redesigned the software to be more functional and tailored towards the needs of our business. She also developed new internal systems and a policies guide for best practice client relations. Samantha now works with us as a full-time staff member – that’s huge for us! She knew so much about us when we employed her that it was such an easy transition.

Our finance intern from WMS worked on a system transfer project and he had a number of roles. He learnt the new software inside out and helped me to set up some of the structure. He was also involved with our accountants and software providers. James was very much across the implementation so he took a lot of the data and transferred it over. He was very good when it came to manipulating data and importing it into the new system.
We run a reasonably lean workforce here and my team are very busy with their day-to-day tasks. Throwing projects at them just adds to the pressure. 

I’d absolutely host another WMS intern again. Next time I’ve got a piece of work that suits that scope, I’d definitely get another intern on-board. It’s hugely beneficial for them and for us. I’ve always recommended other business owners to take part in this programme."

Keith Cooke

Chief Executive, Yardmaster Pumps

Keith CookeYardmaster Pumps have hosted two MNGT496 students over the last two years from the Waikato Management School (WMS) Centre for Internships and Business Experience.

“Our first intern organised a conference located on-site for us. She was involved in all the logistics including getting the paperwork together, maintaining budgets and documenting a process of how to organise it for next year. 

We also had a second intern in supply chain management who helped to introduce a two-bin stock management system into the factory.

We gave them good projects both times where they could get into it without us hand-holding them throughout the whole project. 

I would recommend the WMS internship programme to other employers on the condition that they have a project to make it worthwhile. It’s important to have boundaries in terms of what they are there to do and why they are there.

The experience has been very positive with us getting what we want out of it and students getting what they want out of it."

To find out more about hosting an intern, contact the WMS centre for internships and business experience today at

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