Scholarships, Prizes and Awards


Do you have what it takes to win a scholarship? Check out details below and see if you can apply.

Most of the scholarships listed below are especially for Waikato Management School students however, you may also be eligible for other scholarships not listed below. Scholarships are administered by the University of Waikato Scholarships Office and a website is available that provides information about the office, a list of current scholarships, full regulations and applications forms. Visit: for the home page and click on the Application Forms link to find a comprehensive list of available scholarships and full details of the regulations.


The University of Waikato Scholarships Office welcomes students who want more information on available scholarships and how to apply.

To contact the Scholarships Office:
Phone: (07) 838 4964 or (07) 858 5195

Note: Not all scholarships and grants will necessarily be awarded in any given year. Please also note that all of the scholarships listed below are subject to change.

Undergraduate Qualifications