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Language And Learning Development

Language and Learning development is offered to all Waikato Management School students, and the service is free. 

Our tutors can offer you advice and guidance with your academic writing, reading, and oral tasks. They can work with you on a previously marked assignment, a completed assignment, or on any stage of your writing process, such as planning, or structuring. They can also help you to master academic skills such as APA referencing and teach you how to avoid plagiarism. 

  • Individual or small group, 30 minute tutorials with a Language and Learning tutor
  • A "Learning to Succeed" programme for new students
  • Workshops
  • Online learning support at
  • Online language support at
  • Writing Competency Module (WCM) support teaching

How to book a 30 minute tutorial

To book a tutorial with a Language and Learning tutor, you'll need to:

  1. Go to MyWeb
  2. Click on 'MSC Bookings'
  3. Choose the 'Language and Learning' option,
  4. Choose a day and time for your appointment using the calendar
  5. Complete the dialogue box with a clear description of the type of support you are seeking, and the paper/course, and the specific assignment you want help with.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

The Language and Learning Development tutors will expect you to: 

  1. Prepare for your tutorial beforehand by thinking carefully about the type of help you require.
  2. Proofread your own written work carefully before you bring it to us for advice and feedback.
  3. Do the work we advise you to do after your tutorial so you can apply what you have learnt.
  4. Take responsibility for your own learning development by acting on the advice you are given.

Booking conditions (please read these carefully):

  • You may book only one appointment in a day
  • You may not book an appointment on the day that the assignment is due
  • You may book a maximum of two appointments for an undergraduate assignment
  • You  must bring a printout of your work - no electronic copy or laptops
  • We will not proofread
  • We will not work on all of your assignment
  • We will suggest ways that you can improve your work on your own

 Note:  If you need to cancel a tutorial, please do this on line as soon as possible.

"Learning to Succeed" Programme

This programme is offered each semester to students who are in their first semester in WMS. It provides a sound understanding of the School's academic expectations and teaches you about the different types of academic writing you will need to produce. For further information visit 'MyWeb', 'MSC bookings', 'Language and Learning workshops'.

Online Support

You can visit at anytime. This site provides information on APA referencing, report writing, literature reviews and much more. It also provides links to other helpful learning sites around the world. If English is not your first language, or if you are a native speaker who wants to improve your language and learning skills, go to This site is a fantastic, free resource and you will find a great deal of really useful material here.

The Writing Competency Module

If you need help with the Writing Competency Module (WCM) (paper code: MNGT060), please book an appointment with the Language and Learning Development team on MyWeb.


Book an appointment with a Language and Learning tutor on MyWeb.

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