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The best leaders and managers are great communicators. Research shows that outstanding communicators go further and faster in their careers. They have the people skills you will gain in the Management Communication Major.

Management Communication students learn to develop strong working relationships, inform people about topics comprehensively and illustratively, evaluate ideas and plans constructively, influence decisions and solve problems ethically, and design communication solutions and systems creatively.The Management Communication Major prepares aspiring managers to be outstanding communicators by developing six core competencies:

  • RELATING: To create, nurture, and maintain sustainable relationships with diverse individuals and groups.
  • INFORMING: To build shared understanding clearly, accurately, and comprehensively through writing, presentations, and new media.
  • INFLUENCING: To develop strategies to create, reinforce, change or shape beliefs, attitudes, and intentions.
  • CRITIQUING: To evaluate and reflect critically on communication strategies and processes, including consideration of ethics and alternatives.
  • DESIGNING: To assess, develop and use a range of communication systems, technologies, and forms of mediated communication.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING: To research and analyse situations, identify different perspectives, make recommendations, and develop strategies and plans for effective communication.


Public Relations Major

The Public Relations Major provides a solid grounding in the specific skills, theory, and practices of public relations. It focuses on strategic communication between and among a range of stakeholders and covers crisis and issues management, event management, sponsorship and fundraising, media relations, government relations, and public affairs. Public Relations Major students will learn how to develop a public relations campaign, interact with the media, organise events, and explore several practical and theoretical aspects of public relations as a profession.



Common to both majors is a commitment to issues of sustainability reflected in the emphasis on ethics and social change. This commitment to sustainability is tied in with the core value of sustainability espoused by the Waikato Management School. Here is a link to an interview with Professor Ted Zorn on a paper on "Meaningful Work and Wellbeing":

Many students choose to take a double major in Management Communication and Public Relations, or combine one of these majors with another major from within the Management School to complete a Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) or a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS). Students completing a Master of Management Studies (MMS) can choose elective papers to focus on either Management Communication or Public Relations.

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