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Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

Teaching Assistants

The Management and Marketing School employs assistants to support the teaching staff over a range of courses.

Sessional Assistants

Sessional Assistants are appointed for a period of 15 weeks on a fixed term contract that coincides with the semester teaching timetable. The positions are open to graduates and Honours students; although, some positions are available for students completing their final semester of study towards their degree.

On-going training modules are organised for both new and continuing Teaching Assistants.

What courses can you tutor?

Generally, new Teaching Assistants will be allocated teaching duties which align with their own courses of study, or a course that they themselves have completed.

How many hours would you work?

The number of hours of work allocated to each Teaching Assistant is dependent on the hours requested by the student and the needs of the School.

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