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  • Assoc. Prof.Roger Brooksbank, Strategy
  • Dr Rouxelle De Villiers, Marketing, Thinking skills
  • Dr Mary FitzPatrick, Promotions
  • Dr Surej John, E-commerce
  • Dr Alexandra Hess, Market Research
  • Dr Mark Kilgour, Creativity
  • Dr Roy Larke, Distribution Strategy
  • Dr Huw O'Connor, Creativity & Brand Strategy
  • Mr Quentin Somerville, Marketing
  • Mrs Lori Jervis, Administrator

Associate Professor Roger Brooksbank

Roger Brooksbank9294


By appointment

Roger Brooksbank

I am interested in the managerial aspects of marketing. Within this context I believe that some of the most fundamental questions academic marketing researchers should be continuously asking themselves are as follows: Firstly, to what extent do managers actually practice 'textbook' marketing i.e. the stuff we teach? Secondly, what is its effect on organizational performance? Thirdly, what can we learn from marketing managers about how to better apply 'textbook' marketing?  Finally, what else are marketing managers doing that can add to our knowledge about the "what-to-dos" and "how-to-do-its" of successful marketing? These questions lie at the heart of all my academic research and publications to date. Yet despite their undoubted relevance to both practitioners and educators alike, this is a field of enquiry that has attracted relatively little academic attention, especially over recent years. Consequently, I believe my work represents a worthwhile contribution to knowledge. Moreover, I believe it is important to ensure that it is published in a wide variety of academic journals as well as other, non-academic outlets, so that it reaches the largest possible audience.

Dr Rouxelle De Villiers, Marketing, Thinking skills

Dr Rouxelle De Villiers 4089


Tuesday 9:00am - 10:00am and Open Door

Rouxelle De Villiers

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Dr Mary FitzPatrick

Mary FitzPatrick9280


Tuesday 9:00am - 10:00am and Open Door

Mary FitzPatrick

My key research interests are focussed on the behaviours of service consumers. I am particularly interested in the experiences of consumers of health care and of higher education, both of which are generally perceived by consumers to be high-risk services. I am also very interested in the relationships between service consumers and providers, especially relational phenomena such as trust, reciprocity, and relationality. My research, predominantly qualitative, has twin aims: (1) to improve the experiences of service consumers by better understanding their needs/wants and consumption behaviour, and (2) to inform and improve the marketing practice of service providers. I am interested in supervising PhD research that explores issues relating to consumer behaviour in services (particularly health care and higher education), services marketing, and relationship marketing.

Dr Surej John, E-commerce

Dr Surej John9272


Tuesday 9:00am - 10:00am and Open Door

Dr Surej John

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Dr Alexandra Hess, Market Research

Alexandra Hess9240


Wednesday 1 - 2 and by appointment

Dr Alexandra Hess

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Dr Mark Kilgour

Mark Kilgour9268


Monday 2:00pm - 3:00pm 

Mark Kilgour

Over the last decade and a half I have worked extensively throughout South-East Asia in both private consultancy and academic positions. My main areas of research include major thought processing theories such as categorization and cognitive structures and their application to learning, promotion, and creativity. I have taught and researched in the area of international marketing and cross cultural training. I developed the Tourism and Hospitality program for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. My Creativity Framework has been taught in Singapore, Germany and New Zealand, and was the basis for my doctoral thesis. In the early 2000's I returned to NZ to complete my doctorate and I currently teach and supervise research in a variety of marketing, international management, advertising, and creativity papers. .

Dr Roy Larke

Dr Roy Larke



By Appointment or 2-3pm Tues

Dr Roy Larke

Research Interests

Retail marketing & retail strategy; evolution of consumer markets; digital marketing systems & strategy; Japanese business & the Japanese market



Dr Roy Larke is an expert on retailing, consumer behaviour and marketing with a particular focus on Japan. He moved to New Zealand in 2012, before which he worked as an academic in Japan for 27 years, teaching and publishing in both English and Japanese. His academic research concentrates on consumer behaviour and retail strategy in Japan. His current projects include omnichannel strategy, evolution of distribution channels, retail marketing in convenience stores, and the application of dynamic capabilities theory to department stores. He also has a keen academic interest in cross-cultural pedagogy and use of technology in the classroom. His most recent book was written with Michael Causton and published by Sensu in 2014 under the title Japan's Top 100 Consumer Zones: Now to 2025, looking at the leading consumer markets and trends in Japan on a city by city basis. Roy Larke holds the title of full professor in Japan, and has a PhD from University of Stirling in Scotland.

Mr Quentin Somerville, Marketing

Quentin Somerville9292


By appointment

Mr Quentin Somerville

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Dr Huw O'Connor, Creativity & Brand Strategy

Huw O'Connor9249


Huw O'Connor

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Mrs Lori Jervis, Department Administrator

Lori Jervis9276


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:Mrs Lori Jervis


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