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Department of Marketing Research

The Waikato Management School is New Zealand's number 1 research-led business school. The marketing department contributes to this position by conducting managerially relevant and rigorous research across the entire spectrum of marketing. Our research enables marketing managers to take improved decisions; it empowers consumers, it allows society to better understand the role of marketing, and it gives researchers new methods to investigate marketing questions. We disseminate the knowledge we generate via our research-led teaching, through publications in leading international journals, and through research seminars across the globe.

Areas of Research Expertise

Marketing Management

Marketing managers face a progressively complex world. Since their marketing decisions are under increased scrutiny from various stakeholders, it becomes of paramount importance to measure the effects of marketing activities on performance. The marketing department's research areas include:

  • Advertising and creativity: Dr Mark Kilgour, Associate Professor Scott Koslow
  • Loyalty programs: Dr Valentyna Melnyk; Professor Harald van Heerde
  • Marketing mix effects: Professor Harald van Heerde
  • Small and medium enterprises: Associate Professor Roger Brooksbank
  • Services marketing: Dr Mary FitzPatrick, Associate Professor Lorraine Friend, Associate Professor Ron Garland
  • Sports marketing: Associate Professor Ron Garland

Consumer Research

Consumers face a myriad of products and services they can choose from. Today's marketplace and technology empowers them to co-shape consumption processes and outcomes. Our department studies several aspects of consumer behaviour:

  • Consumer response to advertising: Associate professor Carolyn Costley, Associate Professor Scott Koslow
  • Consumption: Associate Professor Lorraine Friend
    Gender: Dr Mary FitzPatrick, Associate Professor Lorraine Friend, Dr Valentyna Melnyk
  • Loyalty: Dr Valentyna Melnyk
  • Memory: Associate Professor Carolyn Costley
  • Trust: Dr Mary FitzPatrick

Marketing and Society

Marketing plays a pivotal role in society by bringing demand and supply together. All too often though, marketing is seen as a thrust towards overconsumption and unhappy consumers. Our department studies the role of marketing in society at the macro level as well as wellbeing and respect at the consumer and group levels:

  • Macro-marketing: Professor Richard Varey
  • Marketing Communication: Professor Richard Varey
  • Sustainable Marketing: Professor Richard Varey
  • Well-being and respect: Associate professor Carolyn Costley, Associate Professor Lorraine Friend


Marketing researchers, both in academia and in practice, are challenged by new marketing questions whose answers require novel methods. Our department develops both quantitative and qualitative marketing research methods:

  • Experimental design: Associate Professor Carolyn Costley, Dr Valentyna Melnyk
  • Quantitative (econometric) methods: Professor Harald van Heerde
  • Quantitative (multivariate) methods: Associate Professor Carolyn Costley, Associate Professor Scott Koslow,
  • Visual, narrative and critical (e.g., memory work) methods: Associate Professor Carolyn Costley, Dr Mary FitzPatrick, Associate Professor Lorraine Friend

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