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Images from MKTG151/209-15A Trade Show

Theme: Toys and Games

15A Tradeshow Winners

Best Display CUSTOBAG Best Dressed Spade Aid
Best Display: Ako the Pukeko Best Dressed: Counter Ball
Overall Winner CUSTOBAG
Overall Winner: Marvel'ess Suit

Tradeshow Exhibits

Doom of the Gods Ticking Time Bomb
Site 01:Doom of the Gods Site 02: Ticking Time Bomb
Rugby World Cup Scanners Aquatibots
Site 03: Rugby World Cup Scanners Site 04: Aquatibots
Cops n Robbers Smarty Pants
Site 05: Cops 'n' Robbers Site 06: Smarty Pants
Word Wise Solo Sphere
Site 7: Word Wise Site 8: Solo Sphere
Big Foot Foreign Phrases
Site 9: Big Foot Site 10: Foreign Phrases
Puzzle Saver Daddy Swing
Site 11: Puzzle Saver Site 12: Daddy Swing
Sunday Roast UTed
Site 13: Sunday Roast Site 14: UTed
Flick A Pool HOOP
Site 15: Flick 'A' Pool Site 16: HOOP
Night Tag The Word Puzzle
Site 17: Night Tag Site 18: The Word Puzzle
Eye-See Smart Car Roll It
Site 19: Eye-See Smart Car Site 20: Roll It
Techno-ball EMIC
Site 21: Techno-ball Site 22: EMIC
Magno Mobiles Multi Madness
Site 23: Magno Mobiles Site 24: Multi Madness
Solve It Ted E
Site 25: Solve It! Site 26: Ted.E
The All Ball Uniopoly
Site 27: The All Ball Site 28: Uniopoly
Bed Ted All-in-one Ball Shooter
Site 29: Bed Ted Site 30: All-in-one Ball Shooter
Mineworld Digiopoly
Site 31: Mineworld Site 32: Digiopoly
Ribbet Roulette Boarding Pass
Site 33: Ribbet Roulette Site 34: Boarding Pass
Prox i Ako the Pukeko
Site 35: Prox i Site 36: Ako the Pukeko
Speed Wall Super Safe Edu Car
Site 37: Speed Wall Site 38: Super Safe Edu Car
Twilight Toys The Tower of Truda
Site 39: Twilight Toys Site 40: The Tower of Truda
Counter Ball Custom Carz
Site 41: Counter Ball Site 42: Custom Carz
Air-Slinger Blocky
Site 43: Air-Slinger Site 44: Blocky
Google Guess Learn to Fly
Site 45: Google Guess Site 46: Learn to Fly
Bounce Back Ozzy the Octopod
Site 47: Bounce Back Site 48: Ozzy the Octopod
Cosmic Tag Box Fit
Site 49: Cosmic Tag Site 50: Box Fit
Transforma Ball Skip Up
Site 51: Transforma Ball Site 52: Skip Up
Rude Awakening Eagle Glider
Site 53: Rude Awakening Site 54: Eagle Glider
Bubble Trouble Skip it
Site 55: Bubble Trouble Site 56: Skip'it
Traverse Marveless Suit
Site 57: Traverse Site 58: Marvel'ess Suit
Catch Quick Interactive Qube
Site 59: Catch Quick Site 60: Interactive Qube (iQube)
Konnectemal Eat n Grow
Site 61: Konnectemal Site 63: Eat 'n' Grow
Revolutionary Rings Robofetch
Site 64: Revolutionary Rings Site 65: Robofetch
Chromatic Star
Site 66: Chromatic Star

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