The University of Waikato - Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato
Waikato Management School
Te Raupapa

2013 B Semester Trade Show

Theme: Innovative Products for the Student Flat

13b Tradeshow Winners

Most Creative: Kiwiana IQ Best Dressed: Splatter
Best Display: Clothes Airer Best Dressed: Wonder-Pot
Best Display: Mouse Master
Overall Winner: The Flat Kangaroo

Tradeshow Exhibits

Mum-e Quake Wake
Site 01: Mum-e

Site 02: Quake Wake

Plug Boy Aurora
Site 03: Plug Boy Site 04: Aurora
Serenity Utta Bed
Site 05: Serenity Site 06: Utta Bed
Multi Sync Warmsie
Site 7: Multi Sync Site 8: Warmsie
Peeka-Beep Diazi
Site 9: Peeka-Beep Site 10: Diazi
Seat Station Fridge Vault
Site 11: Seat Station Site 12: Fridge Vault
Clothes Airer Watchmen
Site 13: Clothes Airer Site 14: Watchmen
Shower 'n' Dry Smart-T
Site 15: Shower 'n' Dry Site 16: Crush Cycle
Lock 'n' Chill Pangers
Site 17: Lock n Chill Site 18: Pangers
Wonder-Pot Cube
Site 19: Wonder-Pot Site 20: Cube
Sola Line ChoreGanizer
Site 21: Sola Line Site 22: ChoreGanizer
Shush Snapped
Site 23: Shush Site 24: Snapped
x10 Table The Skill-let
Site 25: x10 Table Site 26: The Skill-let
Keep Me Safe Banana Barrier
Site 27: Keep Me Safe Site 28: Banana Barrier
MST - My Student Timetable Flat Mate
Site 29: MST - My Student Timetable Site 30: Flat Mate
FEBS Chill Out
Site 31: FEBS Site 32: Chill Out
Weather Wise Blizzard Blanket
Site 33: Weather Wise Site 34: Blizzard Blanket
Go Charge Mr Practical
Site 35: Go Charge Site 36: Mr Practical
Triple Charge The Hy-genie
Site 37: Triple Charge Site 38: The Hy-genie
SWITCH Beats by Door Bell
Site 39: SWITCH Site 40: Beats by Door Bell
E-Mink The Grub Tub
Site 41: E-Mink Site 42: The Grub Tub
Dishplode My Turn
Site 43: Dishplode Site 44: My Turn
Lockwave Superdesk
Site 45: Lockwave Site 46: Superdesk
Funbags WIN
Site 48: Funbags Site 49: WIN
Turn Up The Heat Key Stacker
Site 50: Turn Up The Heat Site 51: Key Stacker
Dual Brush Reverse-a-bulb
Site 52: Dual Brush Site 53: Reverse-a-bulb
Ezy Dry Rainbow Fridge
Site 54: Ezy Dry Site 55: Rainbow Fridge
Easygo Fridge Cam
Site 56: Easygo Site 57: Fridge Cam
Vast 360 Heat and Go Thermos
Site 58: Vast 360 Site 59: Heat and Go Thermos
Autovac Bed Station
Site 60: Autovac Site 61: Bed Station
The Study Budy D-Light
Site 62: The Study Budy Site 63: D-Light
Ceramic Vaccum Cup  
Site 64: Ceramic Vaccum Cup  
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