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Part One

Managerial Economics and the Global Business Environment

The national and international economic environment can have significant impacts on the performance of your business or organisation. Businesses and policy-makers need to monitor and adjust to changing economic conditions, with the dynamic nature of the economic environment giving rise to important opportunities and challenges. This paper blends theory, practical examples and case studies to enhance your understanding of key economic and international issues and help you to gain insights into practical business issues.

Practice of Strategy

This paper will teach the importance of Strategic Planning and Decision-Making to address the external dynamics and fully utilise and develop the internal resources and capabilities. Analyses techniques will be connected with aspirational future thinking to create a practically relevant action plan for the firm to excel in a sustainable way.

Organisational Behaviour

The relationship between leadership and effective communication is the focus of this component. This paper element is focused on communication intelligence for leaders as they connect people, ideas and actions within the complex business environment. A personal tool kit is developed within this component for communication techniques.

Marketing Practice

This paper focuses on the understanding and application of strategic marketing concepts — providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful marketing practitioners. You will develop the requisite marketing expertise, enabling you to develop a positioning strategy for an organisation and to apply the range of marketing mix tools to realise that strategy. This paper will enhance your skills of customer attitudes , desires and behaviours in order to design effective, integrated marketing communication campaigns, making use of new channels and media.

Strategic Human resource Practice

Human resource management embraces a range of practices that almost all managers are involved in at some point. Moreover, poor HR decisions can result in unmotivated staff with the wrong or inappropriate skills, abilities, and knowledge. This paper shows you ways to critically evaluate existing practices and recommend and implement changes.

High Performance Teams

The objectives of the paper are to understand the leader's role in developing and maintaining high performing teams; to create systems and structures that develop a culture of high performance; to develop an understanding of how teams form, develop and evolve; to explore processes for building collaborative, creative and innovative teams, to sustain and evaluate high performance teams and individuals through effective feedback processes such as coaching and performance feedback; to enable effective socialisation of new members to teams and to the organisation in general; to ensure appropriate team composition for high performance; and to consider the types of teams appropriate for specific purpose.

Financial Markets and Investment Decision Making

As organisations invest in capital projects, investment decision-making becomes crucial.  You will apply investment appraisal techniques, deal with risk and uncertainty, and investigate financial systems where money can be accessed.

Financial and Management Accounting

You will examine the use of financial data for diagnosis and investment decision-making, and the impact of budgeting and measurement on managerial behavior.

Logistics and Operational Management

The modern logistics industry affects all industries and is far more globally focused than we have ever seen. Companies now compete on a global scale even when marketing locally due to increased levels of electronic commerce and communication. Understanding how to compete and where the global logistics and operations management is developing is a key requirement in today's businesses.

Commercial and Employment Law

This paper develops in managers an appreciation for the legal constraints of business activities from the fundraising/incorporation stages into operation and ultimately the exit from a business. We focus on maintaining superb employment relations from hiring through dismissal based on a solid understanding of employment law regulations in NZ. The outcome of this paper is a heightened awareness of the impact of legal rules when operating a business and the ability to anticipate legal challenges.

Integrative Case Study

You will work in teams, in a residential environment, to either develop a strategy for a real organisation or validate/extend existing organisational strategy.




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