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MBM Papers

Course Structure 

Papers Papers

Integrative Paper: Application and Reflection

Financial Analysis and Performance

Decisions and Supply Chain Management

Marketing Strategically

International Business: Culture and Markets


Digital Business

Writing Competency & Academic Integrity

Organisational Culture and Communication

Economics for Managers

Commercial Law and Corporate Governance

Business Research Project

Strategic Management

Personnel and Human Resource Management

Sustainability Strategies for Organisations

Action Learning Project

Organisational Culture, Crisis and Risk

Organisational culture is central to the way organisations communicate internally and externally. You will gain an understanding of organisational issues and risk management, and the skills required for crisis communication.


Effective leaders and managers are vital for any organisation. Learn how to identify the behaviour and characteristics of effective leaders, and ways to develop these traits in yourself and in others.

Sustainability Strategies for Organisations

This paper focuses on environmental sustainability, policy alternatives that help achieve environmental goals and the role of business in these activities.

Digital Business

In order to be successful in the business environment, you must be aware of the digital tools you can use to enhance your business and its people. This paper aims to educate you about the current digital environment and how to keep current with the tools you use in your business.

Integrative Paper: Application and Reflection - Part One

This paper requires you to reflect on the learnings from papers completed thus far. It helps cement each papers content, skills and knowledge gained.

Strategic Management

Managers are required to plan, monitor and analyse the activites undertaken by an organisation to meet its goals and objectives. This paper blends theory and practical examples to develop skills in strategic planning and decision-making. 

Economics for Managing

This paper challenges economic thinking at macro and micro level as well as blending theory and illustrations to gain insight into practical business issues.

Personnel and Human Resource Management

Workplace relationships and the legal and social environments within which they occur are central to understanding how organisations recruit, select, retain and manage the performance of employees. This paper focuses on the nature of workplace relationships and includes facilitation skills and negotiating techniques for use in the workplace.

Business Research Project - Internships and Work Placements

This paper provides an opportunity to investigate a topic in depth. Learn how to undertake reviews of the existing research literature in a specific area and collect and analyse data. The paper enables you to plan and complete a research project and present it in a manner suitable for executives in an organisation. 

Financial Analysis and Performance

Every manager must face the tasks of finding, interpreting and utilising accounting and financial information. This paper explores the process of accounting for organisations, what the numbers tell us and how annual reports are put together. From a financial perspective, the paper considers the issues of risk and return associated with investment and financing decisions as well as the role of financial markets and regulatory frameworks.

Marketing Strategically

Marketing is the management function that identifies customers' needs and determines the target market of an organisation. It includes a broad range of areas of business including advertising, promotion and social media as well as sales and customer relationship management. The paper will develop skills in market analysis and development of marketing plans. 

Decisions and Supply Chain Management

This paper develops core skills and competencies for decision-making in organisations. It presents appropriate decision-making frameworks and how to apply them in important activities such as supply chain management.

Commercial Law and Governance

Provides an overview of the legal framework for business operations and you will consider business ethics and corporate governance for sustainable outcomes.

Integrative Paper: Application and Reflection - Part Two

This paper requires you to reflect on the learning's from papers completed thus far. It helps cement each papers content, skills and knowledge gained.

Design Thinking and Innovation

Learn how opportunities can be recognised, evaluated and used to create value.

International Business: Culture and Markets

This paper has two goals - to develop international cultural understanding and introduce key concepts of specific international markets.

Action Learning Project

The primary purpose of the Action Learning Project is to allow you to apply your knowledge through practical work experience in a local business. The paper is based on the knowledge that taught materials are better understood when they are applied in the context of action learning, where the participants are given an opportunity to drive projects themselves.

Writing Competency & Academic Integrity

English literacy is important in business. You will need to take an English literacy test at the beginning of the programme and you will be enrolled in a FREE writing competency module which runs concurrently with your MBM papers. You can attempt the free writing competency module up to three times. If at the end of three attempts you have not passed it, then you will need to complete and pass paper MCOM104 or an approved equivalent paper. Note, those who have already studied in the Waikato Management School will already have completed this writing module, and will not need to repeat the course.

MBM Specialisations - MBMS

The fields of study for the specialisation are: Accounting, Agribusiness, Finance, International Management, or Public Relations. 

In each of these areas the required papers for the field of study are compulsory. 

Accounting for MBMS (Acct) 

  • ACCT571 Financial Accounting (15 pts) 
  • ACCT576 Commercial and Corporate Law (15 pts) 
  • ACCT572 Advanced Auditing (15 pts) 
  • ACCT573 Advanced Management Accounting (15 pts) 

  • Agribusiness for MBMS(Agri) 

  • AGRI504 Farm Processes and Management for Agribusiness (15 pts) 
  • AGRI505 Finance and Investment Analysis for Agribusiness (15 pts) 
  • AGRI507 Agribusiness Value Chain Innovation and Strategy (15 pts) or INMG521 International Business Environment (15 pts) 
  • ECON506 Economics for Business (15 pts) 

  • Finance MBMS(Fin) 

  • FINA510 Financial Theory and Corporate Policy (15 pts) 
  • FINA517 Investment, Portfolios and Financial Markets (15 pts) 
  • ECON507 Quantitative Skills for Finance and Economics (15 pts) 
  • FINA501 Computer Modelling for Financial Analysis (15 pts) 

  • International Management MBMS(IntMgt)

  • INMG501 E-Global Business: Strategic Management and Marketing (30 pts) 
  • INMG521 International Business Environment (15 pts) 
  • INMG522 Doing Business in the Emerging Markets of Asia-Pacific (15 pts) 

  • Public Relations MBMS(PR) 

  • MCOM512 Applied Communication Analysis (30 pts) 
  • MCOM513 Professional and Public Relations Writing (15 pts) 
  • MCOM532 Public Relations Cases (15 pts).

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