At the core of Corporate & Executive Education's philosophy is our commitment to you, your career, and your organisation. With more than twenty years’ experience providing corporate and executive education to a diverse range of graduates, our alumni network is extensive. Your peers and colleagues have spread around the world and our hope is that your alumni networks remain connected.   

The Corporate & Executive Education Alumni Board is driven by alumni for alumni. Your Board works hard behind the scenes to develop a range of networking and learning opportunities that will add value to your career and your networks. The core drivers of the alumni initiative are to connect, inspire and engage.

Our events are designed to celebrate success, and opportunities exist to showcase your success as you develop your business careers and entrepreneurial endeavours. Waikato Management School Corporate and Executive Education Alumni’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages are our main means of communication. Join these group for regular alumni updates and you will be tapping into a wide range of innovative thinkers from all industries.

Alternatively, send an email to execed@waikato.ac.nz requesting an invite to the page. You must be a graduate of one of the programmes offered through Corporate & Executive Education at Waikato Management School to be eligible to join. This membership includes MBA, MBM, Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, Postgraduate Certificate and any of our corporate programmes. Your input and active membership is a vital part of growing a strong and connected alumni.

The three members of the Board, Hana Grant, Diane Drummond and Jonathan Kilgour, are global AMBAssadors, representing your university at international conferences as part of Waikato Management School’s commitment to the Association of MBAs based in London. International connections like this can benefit all our alumni. The Board likes to hear from you and if you have any suggestions, or wish to talk with one of us regarding how you can be involved in developing your alumni networks, please feel free to email us at execed@waikato.ac.nz. 

Louise Upston

Louise Upston (MBA)

Member of Parliament

From her polished public image, one would never guess that National MP, Louise Upston had a rough start to her tertiary education; unexpectedly having to drop out of Law school. However, rather than seeing the ‘glass half empty’, Louise seized the opportunity and started her own management consultancy firm, McGill Manning, at the tender age of 19.

With her clear talent for business and entrepreneurial flair, Louise managed to successfully grow her business; with names like Air New Zealand, Russell McVeagh and Datacom, amongst her clients. When Louise decided to study for an MBA, she wanted a university that would suit both her personal and entrepreneurial focus, and the Waikato Management School fitted the bill. It appealed to Louise for its renowned excellence, reputation of its lecturers and uniquely, the opportunity to study internationally.

Following a successful career both in the private and public sectors, and with her MBA enabling her to “take several steps forward”, Louise ran for Parliament in 2008 and won the Taupo seat, one of the country’s largest. Re-elected in the 2011 general election, Louise has recently been promoted to Junior Government Whip, a role which ensures Government business is progressed efficiently through the House. Louise feels that the real value of her MBA came through the connections she was able to make with alumni, staff and her classmate, many of whom, despite a busy work and home life, she is still in contact with. Louise’s MBA has put her in good stead. She plans to continue to represent the Taupo electorate, plus build her role and responsibilities within the National Government.


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