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Our Doctoral Students.

The Economics doctoral programme continues to improve in quality and our doctoral students are experiencing many research successes. Economics doctoral students have published their research (either solely or joint-authored) in several international peer reviewed journals, including World Development, Asian Development Review, Journal of Economic Development, Economics Bulletin, Journal of Policy Modelling, Journal of South East Asian Economies, Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies, Journal of Dairy Science, Australian Journal of Labour Economics, Journal of Environmental Management and The Senshu Social Capital Review.

The 59th AARES Conference in Rotorua, February 2015 saw six of our Department of Economics doctoral students presenting, namely:

Mkwara, Lena – Testing the stability of welfare estimates in travel cost random utility models of recreation: An application to the Rotorua Lakes, New Zealand.

Webb, Mike – The importance of biosecurity:  How diseases can affect international beef trade.

Phillips, Yvonne – Virtual reality and scope sensitivity in a choice experiment about coastal erosion.

Kravchenko, Alexey – Introducing and contrasting “revealed” ANA data collection approach versus “stated” and “inferred” approaches in the case of choice experiments for water valuation in New Zealand irrigation.

Mattea, Stefania – Public’s preference for landslide risk reduction programs:  An application of choice experiments in the Italian Alps.

Ndebele, Tom – The influence of attitudes on supplier choice:  Does it matter how “green” a supplier is?

2015 AARES Conference : Congratulations to our Economics doctoral student Yvonne Phillips who was awarded the Young Professionals Exchange Travel Award for New Zealand at the 59th AARES Conference in February 2015 in Rotorua.   This Award is in recognition of the quality research, and research collaboration, that Yvonne has undertaken during her doctoral studies.   The Department of Economics had six doctoral students presenting at the AARES Conference in February, along with three past doctoral students also presenting, that have now graduated and moved on to careers at external organisations.

The 17th Annual Waikato Management School Student Research Conference  saw  four papers being presented by our departmental doctoral students, namely:

Xin Shen - Wealth effects on Consumption: Evidence from Quantile Cointegration in the Autoregressive Distributed-lag Framework.

Haseeb Bhatti - Livelihoods and Post-War Legacies in Swat, Pakistan.

Shaoyong Liu - Do Different Types of Social Ties lead to Differential Access to Social Capital: A case study of Zoucheng, China.

Vu Van Huong - Firm Export Behaviour and Employee Benefits: New evidence from Vietnamese SMEs.

August 2015

Congratulations to Seetha Ranathunga, who successfully defended her doctoral thesis on Poverty Impacts of Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in Sri Lanka.   The examiner congratulated Seetha for her dedication and hard work, noting that her thesis makes “important contribution in applied economic research, offering new evidence on the impact of agricultural trade liberalization on poverty in Sri Lanka. The significance of the work is well reflected in the list of publications so far”.     Congratulations also go to her Chief Supervisor, AProf Anna Strutt and Second and Third Supervisors, Prof John Gibson and Dr Steven Lim.

February 2015

Congratulations to Lena Mkwara, who successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the topic of "Economic valuation of water quality improvements in New Zealand".    Lena has also completed several research projects with external organisations during her time as a doctoral student and the Department of Economics is very proud of her achievements.   Congratulations also go to Lena's supervisors, Prof Ric Scarpa and Dr Dan Marsh.

Doctoral completions for the 2014 year were:

Bhatti, Haseeb Ahmed, Development and conflict: The economic impacts of Taliban in Pakistan

Steven Lim (CS), Dan Marsh

Bond-Smith, Steven Craig, Is understanding innovation the key to economic growth? Theoretical models and analytical simulations

Jacques Poot (CS), Les Oxley, Philip McCann

Shen, Xin, The stock market, the housing market and consumption

Mark Holmes (CS), Steven Lim

Vu, Van, Huong, Export participation, employee benefits, and firm performance: The evidence from Vietnam’s manufacturing SMEs

Steven Lim (CS), Anna Strutt, Mark Holmes

Alfredo Adler (M Phil), Modeling New Zealand dairy farm systems to design greenhouse gas mitigation strategies

Graeme Doole (CS)

Doctoral completions for the 2013 year were:

Roskruge, Matt, Understanding the role of social capital in the growth of New Zealand’s economy

Jacques Poot (CS), Philip McCann, Arthur Grimes

Tran, Quang Tuyen, Farmland acquisition and household livelihoods in Hanoi’s peri-urban areas

Steven Lim (CS), Michael Cameron

Menghesha, Lula Ghebrekidan, An investigation of the macroeconomic and monetary effects of dollarization in Eritrea

Mark Holmes (CS), John Gibson

Current Doctoral Students:

Duggan, Anthony John, Postal reform in Japan: A comparative New Zealand - Japan study of economic issues in privatising a postal system

Steven Lim (CS), John Tressler

Farhangi, Farnaz, Testing participation constraints for sustainable lake tourism conservation (DEA method) and assessing the choice experimental impacts in New Zealand

Ric Scarpa (CS), Dan Marsh

Hu, Yang, Testing for bubbles in time series data using long historial series

Les Oxley (CS), Mark Holmes

Kravchenko, Alexey, Value of Fresh Water in New Zealand for Agricultural Producers

Anna Strutt (CS), John Gibson, Ric Scarpa

Li, Chao, Regional development in China: Inequality, convergence and growth

John Gibson (CS), Mark Holmes

Liang, Yun, Impacts from China's One-Child Policy

John Gibson (CS), Steven Lim, Jacques Poot

Liu, Shaoyong, Sustainable community development in China (Zoucheng County)

Steven Lim (CS), Jenny Cave,  Michael Cameron

Mattea, Stefania, Choice models for non-market valuation: Three investigations in the methods employed in environmental and health economics

Riccardo Scarpa (CS), Dan Marsh, Michael Cameron

Matthews, Yvonne Sharon, Non-market valuation in the space-time continuum

Riccardo Scarpa (CS), Dan Marsh

Ndebele, Tom, Investigating consumers’ choice of electricity retailers and preferences over electricity generated from alternative energy sources: An application of choice experiments approach to the residential electricity market in New Zealand

Dan Marsh (CS), Riccardo Scarpa

Ngoc, Tran Thi Minh, Overseas Vietnamese 's Decision to Return to the Country of Origin: Causes and Effects

Jacques Poot (CS), Michael Cameron

Qasim, Mubashir, Are current policies and actions increasing wellbeing

Les Oxley (CS), Arthur Grimes

Valera, Harold Glenn Alcantara, Testing unit roots, nonlinearities and structural stability in inflation deviations from the target: A time-varying STAR approach for Asian economics

Mark Holmes (CS), Gazi Hassan

Webb, Michael Steven, Regulatory and other trade frictions and the effects of trade facilitation: CGE modelling and economic analysis at the disaggregated level

Anna Strutt (CS), John Gibson

Completed Doctoral Students – pre 2013:

Mkwara, Bentry, Agricultural sector policy reforms: Implications for poverty and environment in Malawi

Dan Marsh (CS), Mark Holmes, Anna Strutt

Matlaba, Valente Jose, Regional transformation in Brazil

Mark Holmes (CS), Jacques Poot, Philip McCann

Sanderson, Lynda, International engagement and performance of New Zealand firms

Jacques Poot (CS), Philip McCann, Arthur Grimes

Yao, Richard, Non-market value of biodiversity conservation on private and public lands of New Zealand

Ric Scarpa (CS), Pamela Kaval

Bell, Brian, A decision support system for the optimal allocation of biosecurity measures to protect indigenous biodiversity

Frank Scrimgeour (CS), Grant Scobie

Doan, Thanh Tinh, Household credit participation and the impact on education and health care expenditure: Evidence from a suburban area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

John Gibson (CS), Mark Holmes

Mazarhih, Basman, Incorporation of environmental issues into bank’s lending decisions

Frank Scrimgeour (CS), Dan Marsh, Stuart Dillon

Siameja, Papu, Measuring the impact of HIV/AIDS on Economic Development in Zambia

Steven Lim (CS), Anna Strutt, John Gobson

Tan, Peck Leong, The economic impacts of migrant maids in Malaysia

John Gibson (CS), Steven Lim

Rohoroa,Halahingano, Economic Issues in the Fisheries Sector of Tonga

Steven Lim (CS), Anna Strutt, Frank Scrimgeour

Thiagarajah, Ramelan, Improving Water Quality through environmental Policies and Farm Management

Frank Scrimgeour (CS), Dan Marsh

Cameron, Michael, The relationship between Poverty and HIV/AIDS in rural Thailand

Steven Lim (CS), John Gibson

Hector, Chris, Wage Structures and Employment outcomes in NZ and their relationship to technological change

Mark Holmes (CS), John Gibson

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