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Get set for Summer School! (Nov 2016 to Feb 2017)

Want to speed up your management degree, or try out a new subject for fun?

Summer School is the perfect opportunity to take some extra papers towards your degree. Or follow your interests and try something new. Each paper takes only six weeks instead of the usual 12 weeks.

  • T Semester (Summer School 2) - 6 Nov - 15 Dec 2017
  • S Semester (Summer School 1) - 3 Jan 2018 - 16 Feb 2018

This year Waikato Management School is offering around 70 papers for Summer School, including some online (NET) papers, so you can even study while you're at the beach. We welcome students from other faculties and universities. Click here to view the full list of papers

Subjects available include:

Interested in postgraduate study options? Our 12-month Master of Business and Management (November) and 14-month Master of Professional Accounting (November and January) are both great options that  you can start this summer. No prior knowledge of business or accounting is required.

The deadline to apply for T Semester papers is Tuesday, 24 October 2017, and the deadline to apply for S Semester papers is Monday, 4 December 2017.

Papers available

Here is the full list of Summer School papers available through Waikato Management School:

 T Semester 2016- Undergraduate papers (100 to 400 level)

 T Semester 2016 - Postgraduate papers (500 level)

 S Semester 2017 - Undergraduate papers (100 to 400 level)

 S Semester - Postgraduate papers (500 level)

 Online (NET) papers in T and S Semesters

How to enrol

How to enrolNew and returning students can apply to enrol for Summer School papers at

We welcome new students from other faculties and other tertiary institutions who wish to credit Waikato Management School (WMS) papers towards their own degree. On-campus accommodation is available over summer if you need somewhere to stay in Hamilton.

If you are not enrolled with us already, please ensure you meet the prerequisites for the paper/s you wish to enrol in. You can check your timetable of classes

Note: Waikato Management School reserves the right to withdraw any of the papers listed if enrolments do not reach satisfactory numbers.

For advice on specific papers, please contact the Management Student Centre, phone 0800 654 303 or email

For questions about how to enrol, phone 0800 WAIKATO or (07) 838 4176.

Important dates:

24 October 2017: Deadline to enrol for T Semester 2016

6 November 2017: First day of lectures for T Semester 2016

3 November 2017: Last day to change or withdraw papers with transfer/refund of fees for T Semester

4 December 2017: Deadline to apply for S Semester 2017

15 December 2016: Last day of T Semester 

3 January 2018: First day of lectures for S Semester 2018

10 January 2018: Last day to change or withdraw papers with transfer/refund of fees for S Semester

14-16 February 2018: S Semester Examinations

16 February 2018: Last day of S Semester 

26 February 2018: A Semester starts

Scholarship opportunities

Summer Scholarship Find out more

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