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Preparing To Start

You should ensure you are eligible to enrol as part of planning your 499.

When Can I Do My 499?

Click here to see the 499 course offerings for your department, find out your options for start dates, and what papers you need to have done first.


Click here for information about selecting a topic, including projects currently available from potential sponsors.


Click here for 499 money matters.

Getting Advice

If you're confused about 499s and need some help, click here for options.

General Test of Business Understanding

This assessment is Compulsory...

This test is designed to determine your general understanding of business and management. It covers the content of all the core subjects in the BMS and includes questions on management for sustainability and general business knowledge. The School will use the information it obtains from your results on this test as part of a process designed to assess how well its programmes are meeting the BMS learning goals.

To pass your 499 (599) paper you need to take this test. Your grade on this test will determine 7% of your 499 (599) assessment. If you have a good reason for not being able to take this test, e.g. you are studying for this paper overseas, you can apply for an exemption. To apply for an exemption contact the Management Student Centre.

The test will be run during Week 3 and Week 9 in each semester. You will need to book a time to take the test. We will contact you early in each semester through MyWebTM with details of how to book a time to take the test.

Note: You will be unable to graduate if you have not completed the General Test of Business Understanding.

499 Key

Preparing to Start
Conducting Research
Writting Your Report
Submitting Your Report

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